For teaching kids of all ages about healthful living.

A note from Dawna

It is my hope that these brief lessons will help you impart fun and factual health information so God's "little temples" will grow to be strongholds for Him. Although these health lessons were written for children, they may also be used with a general audience. I have presented them in many countries to literally thousands of adults and children and they have been well received.

If using the lessons for adults you will need additional information which can be found under References or in the Supplemental Materials supplied with each lesson. Each lesson is formatted as follows:


References (3 sources)


Use a big dose of imagination along with the materials listed for each activity. Collecting teaching supplies takes planning ahead as well as always being on the lookout for bargains and items that can be used in the lessons. Clearance and secondhand stores, and party or toy catalogs are excellent places to find unique "treasures" along with the very useful $$$$ stores.

This section should be used in conjunction with that of Activities # (with the same corresponding Activities number following later on in the lesson).


Brief informational tidbits, in addition to the references, to save the teacher time in preparation of the lesson. The lessons contain "Additional Facts".


Active, attention-getting illustrations, stories and object lessons designed to involve the children's imaginations. The activities are designed to encourage active participation and to motivate them to take responsibility for their own lifestyle choices.

Many lessons have more activities than can be used in a limited time. Use the ones that fit the teacher's time and talents. The unused portions can be used as additional teaching materials at another time, as separate lessons or in conjunction with other lessons. For example, the "Daniel" and "Habits" lessons are reviews of the other lessons, so the same materials could be used to teach them too.


Ending summarization of the key thoughts and concepts taught in each lesson.


Items (objects, papers, stickers, crafts) for the children to take home to remind them of the lessons they have learned.

Activity Sheets

Use a copy machine to reproduce these pages for children to take home and color to reinforce learning.


Use at the session following the one in which the lesson was taught. This will serve to remind the students of the lessons as well as help the teacher evaluate what was learned by the students.

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